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| Ƙιиɢ∂σм Ɔσмɛ | α ƨɛмι-ℓιт яσℓɛρℓαʏ αccɛρтɢιиɢ...

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The sickness came seven months ago. A deadly flu that was a troublesome factor for all doctors worldwide, it was a strange oncoming of a disease, and most of the world was infected with it. They came to the realization that it was an extensive (and fatal) form of radiation sickness. Within a few weeks the world’s population had decreased by 4.3 billion, and it kept on going down... fast. Soon there was nothing that could be done, no medication, nothing just the sweet release from this life. Two weeks ago the last humans died, now the world was left abandoned, cold, and alone.... Well, mostly.

Canines. Yes, canines were immune to the sickness, the radiation did nothing to them, they managed to thrive on. Though some of them went insane from the sudden collapse of the human race, and became ruthless killers, savages, hellbent on destroying all that dared oppose them. These beasts were known as the “Tainted Ones” the ones who no longer saw the reality in their actions, and were turning into mindless beasts. All dogs knew to avoid these, and they usually grouped up in small packs or hoards to make sure that they would be protected from everything that the Tainted opposed. There was fear growing, fear that they would all turn into these monsters and that there would be no hope for them, that the world was really lost. But as all, where you find darkness you find a light.

Those dogs who had the mental capability to ignore the taint began to grow smarter, faster, stronger. They didn’t hold the natural instinct that all dogs had, they could now speak, and were able to feel more than basic emotions. They were starting to turn into four-legged furry humans. Though whether this is a good or bad thing is yet to be known, as now the dogs started to know more of what was happening, and they were starting to learn that the world was now theirs. That they were now the most powerful animals in the world, and that they were on top of the food chain. Still, they knew that before that they could get ahead of themselves they would have to do something about the Tainted Ones. That those who didn’t have their new found minds were still a threat, and that they could easily wipe them out. So what would they have to do?

Some dogs posed an attack on those who were tainted, though others thought that this wouldn’t be a good plan, that the Tainted Ones would overwhelm them, that running into this would be the same as committing suicide. As the Tainted were starting to turn into more ghoulish monsters than dogs, with sharp claws and glowing eyes, clearly the radiation was affecting them - but in a bad way. Now the dogs are arguing over what will happen with the Tainted Ones, if they can defeat them or not. If there’s in hope in thinking that they will be able to, or if this is just a waste of time altogether. But whatever they decide with they’ll need to come up with something fast as the Tainted Ones are growing more powerful and deadly with each passing day, and that if they really don’t do anything that hope will end up truly being lost....

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2 | The World | on September 26th 2012, 5:27 pm

As you can probably guess the world is kind of.. well, it’s in a mess. The Tainted Ones grew aggressive and destroyed cars, houses, which led to many massive spread fires. Our roleplay takes place in one of the most well known cities in the world - New York. Much is destroyed, and there’s hardly any beauty left in the city. Even dogs who were not tainted grew reckless and did a lot of damage. The few buildings that are still in tack are used for the dogs that are trying to decide what will happen in their newfound world, and how their going to handle it all. So most dogs who weren’t deemed important enough, or didn’t really care enough now live on the streets. Some of the dogs still have their original homes, but most don’t, and if they live in a house it was owned by a total stranger to them. Some of the dogs have gotten desperate enough to sleep in burned down houses to avoid being in the streets where they are most likely to be attacked during the night.

Some of the parks are still in use, but even those that are, are now filled with trash from knocked over bins that have flowed through some of the wind. That’s why even if you find a good pond or pool there’s most likely a lot of trash and dirt in it. The only water that is used for drinking is from the sinks in houses, the dogs have learned how to operate the sinks by using various objects to help them. Food usually comes from whatever they can find, there is still a lot of things that are able to be eaten, however a lot of stuff is also spoiled and overdate and so when dogs would eat it they would become sick. Which is the last thing that they believe that they need right now. But they hope that something will happen before they have to resort to eating veggies and fruits.

The weather is usually overcast or rainy, however on somedays it can only be a mild fog, sunny days don’t really happen anymore, and haven’t for a few months before the humans were wiped out. When it rains- it pours nonstop for hours upon hours, and usually this will occur once or twice a week. Some dogs are now smart enough to put their water bowls underneath the rain outside so they have good useable water that doesn’t have a risk of being poisonous. But most haven’t grasped onto this yet.

Really the world is a turmoil destructive zone, and not somewhere in which life would like to be. It’s difficult and very dangerous for the dogs to be here, but there is no where else for them to turn.

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3 | The Dogs | on September 26th 2012, 5:29 pm

            Dog's Name | Age | Gender | Player / User

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4 | Rules | on September 26th 2012, 5:31 pm

|•| This is a literate roleplay, meaning that there is a four - five paragraph minimum. This also means that you need to have good grammar and spelling. Also because of this do not feel bad if you do not get accepted into this roleplay. It did take me awhile to become literate and confident in my skills. If you are literate and sure of it make sure to use your skills in this roleplay.

|•| Four character maximum. Two male, two female. I will not budge on this point at all. You may join with just one male or female, or two of the same gender. However you will have a five - seven day period afterwards in which you'll have to make an character(s) of the other gender, or your characters will be removed. Also there may be no wolf hybrids, or anything containing wolf blood, I will not accept them on the grounds this that is a dog roleplay.

|•| Please only join if you intend to be active and contribute. I know that we all have personal crisis's in our lives, or sometimes just have no access to the internet, but please notify me if this is happening to you. If you do not post with six days (without notice) your characters will be put under "frozen" you will get a PM notifying you of this, and if you do not respond in twenty four hours, you characters will be taken from the roleplay.

|•| You may not make your own characters be mates, neither will I allow there to be any pregnant females when the roleplay is opened. I've noticed that when someone sees that there can be a pregnant female, even if there's only one or two, everyone wants to make one. This will not change, so do not ask me if you are able to do so, because you will not be allowed. With that being said if a female becomes pregnant over the course of the roleplay you must make it realistic and last awhile. It doesn't happen overnight.

|•| Character's may die, however please contact me and the person who's dog will be killed with permission first. (More so the other person, but I'd still like to be informed.) The whole group will control NPC's, but that doesn't mean your dog can kill them all. Your dog is not all powerful, and the radiation did not give them superpowers or anything of the sort. This means your dogs can still get sick, injured, and die.

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5 | Bio | on September 26th 2012, 5:32 pm

Code: Select all[/url]
You are free to create your own bio. However add the basics (Name, age, gender, etc...) Also make sure that you add the character's persona and whatnot. Also making sure that you add their picture or a very detailed description; this makes it easier for me (and the other players) to visualize your character. As for anything else, be sure to do whatever you see fit

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6 | Larka| on September 26th 2012, 5:34 pm

~ -| { } |- ~

{υѕernaмe }
"I am called Larka."
"I do not have one. I am simply Larka."
"I am quite obviously female, you fool!"
"Do I look tainted to you?"
"I have seen two summers."

Larka is considered a large, athletic dog standing slightly taller than a German Shepherd. She is built much like the grey wolf, an animal she resembles very closely. However, she is not a wolf dog. She measures up at 26 inches tall at the shoulder and she weighs 60 pounds. She is slightly smaller and lighter than others of her breed, with a distinct feminine appearance. She has a lupine appearance with a straight bushy tail and thick double coat that is made up of various shades of grey. Each individual guard hair is agouti banded along its length. She has almond shaped eyes that are a deep amber in color, very closely resembling a wolf. This fae is not powerful physically, lacking in the necessary muscular build, however she is not helpless. Instead, her body lends itself to speed and agility, making her a formidable opponent and an excellent huntress. She is often called lanky, however this is not a bad thing. Her slender build and supple muscles make it easy for her to almost disappear among the ruins of the place she calls home.

Larka has a rather long, lupine muzzle that is accentuated by patches of white fur. Her teeth are kept constantly sharp by the bones she loves to gnaw on, which also help to strengthen her jaw. Her ears have thin, very soft furs on the inside which aid in trapping subtle sounds such as paws on snow. They are almost perfectly triangular in shape, but complement her long face perfectly. Her eyes are a deep amber in color and seem to never show emotion, a trait she has struggled to master since her birth.

{eye color:}
{scars, markings, etc.:}
White patches on her muzzle, dark patches on her tail and legs.
{unique differentiation(s):}
Larka looks very much like a wolf dog, however she is not.

.:іη Dερτh:.
Quiet and aloof, Larka often appears to be shy, however that is not the truth. In reality, this female does not like the company of other canines, often finding them to be petty and annoying. She has a deeply rooted love for violence and fights, and she will attack with the slightest provacation. Sneaky and manipulative, Larka is extremely adept at making other canines trust her, only to use them to sate her lust for violence and bloodshed, a quality she does not bother to hide. She does not feel that being prone to such violence is a bad thing.

Despite this love of fighting and death, Larka is incredibly loyal. She is much more patient with canines who are friends to her, often being pushed to great lengths before snapping at one. However, when she is pushed past her breaking point, Larka will attempt to kill the canine who caused it, simply for the reason that they annoyed her far too much. Despite her loyalty, Larka is not a team player. She hates to share her kills, and will oftentimes bite and tear into other dogs before giving up the tiniest portion of a meal. She cannot tolerate pups at all, and does her best to avoid them, no matter the situation.

Lyra was at one time as open and friendly as any other dog. At this time, she was a well-loved member of a small pack, made up of her parents, herself and her two siblings. They called the streets home, however their life was never all that hard.

Then things began to change. New dogs began to move into the land, strange dogs brought in by humans. These dogs were not friendly, and tended to attack whenever they saw the small family. Being the good dog she was, Larka obeyed her mother and father, hiding whenever one of the strangers were near, and abandoning her food for them. However, darkness was beginning to rise in the young dog. Every time she saw one of these strange dogs tearing into something she'd killed, she'd wonder what it would be like to tear into them. She started taking longer to run whenever she saw them, choosing instead to stand her ground, resulting in scars from being bitten. Years of this slowly began to change the female even more, and she started spending less and less time around the family and their little home. She began sleeping outside of the den and became more and more snappy as time passed.The strangers appearances and attacks became more frequent, and more violent, steadily pushing the female to her breaking point. She lived like this for a few more years, taking it in silence.

Then one day, things changed. Something inside the female snapped. This time when a Stranger attempted to chase her away, she waited, every muscle in her body ready. This time when they came, instead of rolling over and allowing their fangs to tear into her, Larka fought back. The dogs met in a fury of teeth and claws, ending when the female was able to clamp her jaws around the leader's neck and end his life. Once the blood haze cleared, Larka saw that her family had joined the fight, resulting in tragedy. Her younger sister lay dead, a few feet from the unmoving form of her mother. Her father was nowhere to be seen, and her brother no longer wanted anything to do with the violent young female.

To this day, Larka loves the thrill of a fight. Unlike some dogs, she does not fear death. Instead she holds a respect for the dog who will end her life, for surely she will die in battle.

She is incredibly agile and fast, making hunting easy.
She is also able to run for what seems like forever.

Larka has no real physical strength for fighting, but she does have a hairtrigger temper.

{devotion level:}
{love ιnтereѕт}
{wнaт тнey looĸ ғor ιn a мaтe}
Larka feels she has no need for a mate.

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