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Ƭσωи σғ βℓʋɛ Ĵαʏ

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1 Ƭσωи σғ βℓʋɛ Ĵαʏ on November 1st 2012, 8:53 pm

Ѧ α и ' ƨ β ɛ ƨ т Ғ я ι ɛ и ∂

Dog. Man's best friend. What greater animal than a dog? Well,being one is much better. Free to roam, a loving owner, and food. And lots of food, at that. Life as a dog is amazing, admit it. Their humans are amazing people, since it's basically a law. In this small town called The Town Of Blue Jay New Jersey, the people love dogs. Dogs are allowed to roam into shops and eateries, and give the canines in this town basically anything they want. The people here are incredibly filthy rich, so they have money to burn. That money goes towards their "perfect" pets. So, life as a dog is amazing, but this is just one hundred times better. Even different Holidays are even fun for the dogs. Halloween,Easter,Christmas,New Years, the humans throw big celebrations, and they dress up the dogs. There are games, contests, and the dogs get to socialize even more than they do now. Pfft, in this town, the canines are king.
Except for those few dogs who have it bad. Their owners and themselves live in the rougher part of this small town. Their owners are the kind who drink, gamble, and do drugs. They have basically been kicked out of the prim,proper part. The dogs who come from this area are scolded and looked upon with such scorn, it could kill someone. The rich or "house" dogs don't know much about these dogs, because whenever one is in the prim and proper part of town, the richer digs are locked up immediately, not to ever have contact with them. But, the humans won't be able to keep their precious dogs locked up for long...


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2 Я ʋ ℓ ɛ ƨ on November 1st 2012, 8:54 pm


1 Posting rules.
This roleplay is semi to high Literacy. That means exemplary grammar and spelling. I will accept some typos, but all around it should be correct. The sentence limit is seven LINES. I would love to see atleast twelve, but seven is the minimum. I am very strict on this, and I might assign some people to be look outs for me while I am gone. With the posts, they should be pretty. Put some color,maybe a nice font, but NO PICTURES. It's against CS rules. I don't want to see any blinding colors. If you and another person are on the roleplay, and no one else is, do NOT go more than two pages. I don't want to see just two people roleplaying. If someone asks for a recapture, please give them one. It's incredibly rude if you don't.
1 Character rules.
I do not want to see perfect characters. Do not say that your character is the prettiest,smartest,fastest etc. That will not be tolerated. I'm very picky on realism, so don't make your dog do human things. I'll accept smiling, laughing, and maybe crying. That's it though. The rest should be dog things. (Except talking, of course) Genders must be even. Since I'm only allowing two characters each,please make one female and one male. You're responsible for roleplaying each, and if I see you only roleplaying one the entirely, you will be given a warning. Also, no dyed fur, or unrealistic markings/eyes/fur.
3 Out of character rules.
I expect you all to be kind to each other, and to fill each other in if anything happens when they were gone. If you join and don't come back, you are never allowed to post on this thread again. Listen to me, my word is law. I may assign some mods. I do not want any major plots if you do it without my permission, or my participation

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Credit for the form goes to without a doubt. I edited it a bit. :3

[size=90]motto here please[/size]
{ name } { gender } { house or street } { adjective }
leтѕ geт тo ĸnow eacнoтнer
naмe ;; Full name here.
nick name ;; Any nicknames?
gender ;; Answer here
street or house;; Answer here
breed;; Answer here
age ;; Dog's age here.

on тнe oυтѕιde
overall deѕcrιpтιon ;; Answer here. Detailed please.
pelт color ;;
eye color ;; Answer here.
wιdтн and lengтн ;; Answer here.

dιggιng deeper
crυѕн / мaтe ;; Does your dog have a crush or a mate?
Pups ;; Any pups?
ĸιn ;; List all important kin. (Family]
perѕonalιтy ;; This must be completed Atleast two paragraphs. [12+ sentences]
нιsтory ;; Optional. If you put optional, it must be infused within your posts. If posted, atleast two paragraphs.
weaĸneѕѕeѕ ;; What is your dog's weaknesses? Atleast three.
ѕтrengтнѕ ;; Does your dog have any strengths? At most four

υѕernaмe ;; Username here
nιcĸnaмe ;; What can we call you?
тнeмe ѕong;; Theme song here please.
anyтнιng ι ғorgoт? ;; Did I forget anything?


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4 Ɔнαяαcтɛя ˩ιƨт on November 1st 2012, 9:00 pm

♠ Ɔнαяαcтɛя ˩ιƨт ♠

h o u s e•d o g s
Summer Love←owner:→

s t r e e t•d o g s

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5 Яɛℓαтισиƨ on November 1st 2012, 9:01 pm


Crush > < Crush

Mate ♥ Mate


dog [dog, dog] - dog [dog, dog, dog] ;; relatioship - relationship

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6 Ƭнɛ Ƭσωи on November 1st 2012, 9:02 pm

Ƭнɛ Ƭσωи

"Ɖσɢƨ ғɛɛℓ ʌɛяʏ ƨтяσиɢℓʏ тнαт тнɛʏ ƨнσʋℓ∂ αℓωαʏƨ ɢσ ωιтн ʏσʋ ιи тнɛ cαя, ιи cαƨɛ тнɛ иɛɛ∂ ƨнσʋℓ∂ αяιƨɛ ғσя тнɛм тσ вαяκ ʌισℓɛитℓʏ αт иσтнιиɢ яιɢнт ιи ʏσʋя ɛαя. "
~Dave Barry

The Town of Blue Jay is a very beautiful one, in a simplistic kind of way. The town square is a beautifully elegant place, where different small shops are set up in neat rows. The elegant brick paths are placed in a pretty msnor, not one in a rough spot. In the middle of the square, there is a small garden where the people of the town go to sit and watch butterflies flutter through the soft pink roses and other colorful flowers. In the garden are several small bird baths and fountains, perfect for those birding watchers. The greatest attraction of this small town is its park. A giant park with a large fountain square in the middle is the dog's favorite place. The grass is very green and bright, and in the spring time, the beautiful trees light up with soft pink flowers, as they are cherry blossoms. Lining the whole park are areas abundant with flowers. There are large oak trees as well, mostly at the corners of the park, shimmering with glossy English ivy. About a half a mile from the park is the neighborhood, with great big houses and such.
On the other side of this beautiful paradise is basically hell. The neighborhood is basically a trailer park, with houses that are sagging, and a bunch of double wires and trailers. The shops are not really shops, just basically gas stations with nasty people. The junkyard is basically the place of the street dogs here, (they go to the park mostly though) where trash and unwanted thinfs lay down and rot. You'll find a lot of homeless people here. The way the dogs get into the richer part of this small town is through a narrow passage way, through the older lady's back gate. The fence has a hole in it, that dogs can get through, leading out to the grand park. But watch out, she us a nasty older lady, and her broom hurts

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[√] Spring ; ☑ Summer ; ☐ Autumn ; ☐ Winter


The current weather is warm and sunny, with little cloud cover. The air is cool and there is some breeze. The flowers are starting to open and everything us coming back from the harsh New Jersey weather. The snow is all melted and the grass is wet with dew.

яeceит нαρρeиιиɢƨ

November 1-
•This thread was created.

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8 мɛмвɛя ιиғσ on November 1st 2012, 9:05 pm

♪Ѧɛмвɛя Ɩиғσ♪

m e m b e r s


r e s e r v e d•n a m e s

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9 Ƨʋммɛя ˩σʌɛ on November 2nd 2012, 7:28 pm

You gotta work to win

{Summer Love} { Female } { House Dog} { Golden }
leтѕ geт тo ĸnow eacнoтнer
naмe ;; Summer Love
nick name ;; Summer
gender ;; Female (obviously)
street or house;; Summer is a Street dog. Although she lives with the others, she really thinks about being an loner.
breed;; Golden Retriever, undisturbed with mixed blood. She is a hunting dog
age ;; Two in dog years; Fourteen in human years

on тнe oυтѕιde
overall deѕcrιpтιon ;; Summer is bigger than normal female Golden Retriever. With her soft mouth and quick paws, she is the classic hunting dog. Her coat is a a mix between short and shaggy, golden thick fur that bunches in quick zig zags on her belly. Deep colors of honey varied to bleach blond are the monotones of her fur. Light honey fur coats her face, dark honey paws, and a shortened shaggy tail. Her long, pink tongue and black nose are other features that you see. Her rather broad shoulders are neatly comprehended by long graceful legs. That little bump at the top of her head is hardly seen between her long shaggy ears. Her fur alternates between being coarse to soft. Sometimes called stocky instead of slender, Summer has the classic 'I'm a hunter and I know it' look to her.
pelт color ;; Golden, with variations
eye color ;; Chocolate brown
wιdтн and lengтн ;; Summer is 23 inches, an inch bigger than her breed. She is also about 70 pounds.

dιggιng deeper

crυѕн / мaтe ;; Summer does not have a mate or a crush
Pups ;; None, but she wants them
ĸιn ;; Her parents are far away, and she has a long lost brother somewhere. None else.
perѕonalιтy ;; Summer is a sensitive girl. . Sometimes her temper can spike and cause a very small fight, or other times she can prove herself kind. If you can get her to open up, consider yourself lucky. She is very sweet and kind on the inside
нιsтory ;; Summer was born to a hunter and a champion Golden Retriever. Her mother bore two little Golden Retrievers, Summer Love and Kadence of Song. The two were big and strong, making their parents shine with pride. Summer always proved stronger of the two; always being to first to open her eyes and walk, always the winner of play fights. She was taught early obediance, learning of the outside world in stride. Like her father, she was fascinated by nature. As she grew older, she and her brother were surrounded by a cornucopia of beauty. Living in the woods, they had meadows and trees and fields all their own. Summer was always trying to catch the birds and rabbits, though never really caught one. Kadence on the other hand would sit by Mom and look, never trying to play with the butterflies as Summer did. Soon enough she began to ignore him altogether, bidding him too stuck up to play with. With the birds around her she thought life could not get any better. She was wrong, things got worse.

Everything changed the day the first couple came to look at the puppies for sale. Her brother was taken away almost as soon as the second couple arrived. Despite their owners worried pleas they still took him only, breaking their wishes of the siblings staying together. Summer waited and waited for someone to come for her to. But nobody did. After a couple months, with no buyers, her family had to up and leave. Summer was left alone, fending for herself the best she could once on the streets.

weaĸneѕѕeѕ ;; Summer absolutely loves pepperoni rolls, you can make her do anything for it.
She is also a big sucker for swimming. Say you hate it and she'll give you the silent treatment.

ѕтrengтнѕ ;; Summer excels in hunting, so her mouth is very soft for birds.
She also can jump fifteen yards into the water if she trys.
Her firey temper can be fun to play with, but not to mess around with.


υѕernaмe ;; ℓισиκιиɢℓσʌɛя

nιcĸnaмe ;; ˩ισи please :3
тнeмe ѕong;; Starry Eyed ; Ellie Goulding
anyтнιng ι ғorgoт? ;; Nope

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