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Help! I don't know what to do! | Highly recommended for newcomers

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"I'm so confused. How do I play this?"

We are a roleplaying forum. You write posts with other members to build your characters' storylines, like a cooperative storytelling game. You can also design your characters' looks through avatar building, profile {camp} building and signatures.

We also have an
Other Roleplaying forum for roleplaying anything at all.

"How do I start?"

By jumping into a roleplay, or creating a "bio", automatically or in your own writing, and then starting. Bios are auto-approved; you do not have to wait for staff to review them.

"Either one? There has to be one way I have to start or else I'm 'doing it wrong'!"

Nope! You can start with a bio or no bio. You just post "Examplepaw was practicing hunting..." or something, and you are in! We also let players start their own roleplays and set their own rules for them.

Try our Plot Joining Roleplay forum. If you are still lost, post your questions in our Help Den!

Our Newbie Starter is here {HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!}:


~@~@~ Welcome! ~@~@~
These steps help get you into the action, and are NOT required but highly recommended. =)

*---Post an introduction in our welcome board. Say you are looking to start a roleplay and welcome offers; specify what you are looking for.

*--Use the "New, Unreplied Roleplays" links on the front of the site if you want to find roleplays nobody else has joined yet! That other person waiting on a reply will also be grateful you picked their thread.

*--Browse the roleplay sub-board, especially other newer players. Reply to one you might want to roleplay with and make an offer!

*--Start a few roleplay threads. If you want to be veryactive, start more than one character.

*--Join a few others' fresh threads replied to within the past day. Our most active board is Roleplay Joinings, but try several and figure out what suits you best.

*--Use the Newbie Roleplay and Buddy Finder. Post your requests' and roleplays' links there, and post in others' threads.

*--PM someone if you want to start a roleplay. Just don't make it an ad and you should be fine.

*--Be patient! Players are not intentionally ignoring you. They're just wrapped up in their own roleplays, as you will soon be too.

*--Put your roleplay links in your signature, with a catchy graphic if you have one. Deck out your profile with your links as well.

*--If all this still fails, post in our help center, and bump your intro thread {or start a new one} saying you need help. Post in our support.

Find more rules and guides in this spoiler button:


1. You may not tell others what to do or that they broke a rule.
REPORT rule breaks and the moderators will handle it. Do NOT threaten to report somebody, that is rude!

2. Be polite to other members at all times. {If you feel mistreated by staff – PM an admin!}
Don’t criticize other people’s characters, or plots! If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

3. No starting drama.
No talking about hurting yourself/others, discussion religion or politics, or making rants.

4. Be appropriate!
We are a PG, which means NO sexually explicit material, vulgarity, graphic gore, etc. This also includes revealing/asking for personal information.

5. NO Plagiarism/art theft.
{Stealing someone’s work and claiming you made it.}

8. You may not spam or advertise. Do not advertise anything outside your signature or our Ad Threads.

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